RadioActive Learning Facilitators Open Online Meeting Nummer 2

Mit dem zweiten LFM treten das Projektteam, die Pädagogen und Interessierten Mitarbeiter und Mitglieder sowie alle, die sich auch für das Projekt interessieren in einen Dialog unter folgenden Thema in den Dialog:

“Badges – Uncovering the non formal learning through Radio — What is prepared and how can it be done.”

Location: Google “Hangout on Air”
Time: Wendsday 18.06.2014 at 18:00 GMT

Proposed Structure and Topics:

  • T1: Where are badges used? An entry point of the badge discourse at the state.  
  • T2: How we designed this badges
    a) the design workflow used (Andreas)
    b) the design figure we designed against (Andreas)
    c) The micro design steps. (Angela)
  • T3: What are the badges worth – Expectations and jobs to do for all.
  • T4: The designing practice How can i award a badge using Moodle?  
  • Here we have to split up the topics into two parts:
    a) The Moodle preparation steps and
    b) the awarding procedure itself.
    We made some significant observations and also trapped into some problems so our strategy on how it works should now help you to avoid double work.   
  • T5: How can make Badge-Holder direct use of the Badges
  • T6:  Raising up the Badge Value: Make it transparent.

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