004 RAEU Special Events #PLECONF 2014

At the PLE conference we got the chance to present the RadioActive approach of learning and how to facilitate it and how to recognise learning achievements in Life Long Learning through Radio.  To enhance this experience we decided doing a radio workshop with all guests to itesify the experience. At first congratulations for all participants to their well deserved badge. At second here in invitation for all to listen to the result and worked out information based on the following task:

“Actual debates on Learning Technlogie for
a) Adults
b) HE-Students
c) Students
d) Kids
e) Toddlers

Provide in a 5 Minute Statement a) the problem, b) the impact, AND c) your subjective view”

So sit back and listen and enjoy the results of the experts from 4 continents.
Your RadioActive Project-Team Germany

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